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Consider this!


Want to make a difference in YOU?  Try critical reflection.

Here's a super straightforward way to do it.

Start with ... What?  What happened, and what did you learn.

Then ... So What?  Why does it matter?  Are there consequences, and if so, what are they?

Finally ... Now what?  What will you change, now that you've had this experience?  How will you do something differently?

Taking time every day builds your ability to reflect honestly about your actions and behaviors, and provides you opportunity for insight on where you can improve. 

You're welcome.  : )

Kristin Backstrom
Positive psychology

'Live every minute like something amazing is about to happen.' This is such a pure distillation of positive psychology.  Let yourself find value and meaning in everything that comes your way.  

Kristin Backstrom
It's that time of year!

Time to give and receive ... feedback, that is! Do you know how to deliver specific feedback that drives performance improvement? Do you know how to keep your emotions in check while receiving feedback? Up your game this year, and improve the outcomes.  If you want some quick advice, reach out to me for a 10 minute phone session - if you're among the first 15 to do so, it's my holiday gift to you.  

Kristin Backstrom
Reflecting for the win!

It is well understood that leaders - and others! - benefit from reflective thinking.  To be clear, this isn't passive daydreaming but intentional work looking at assumptions, beliefs, and limits of knowledge that are brought to mind in relation to a current or potential challenge.  The value of this time cannot be overstated ... this is where insight sparks innovation, new strategy ideas, and plans to move forward.  And, this reflective thinking becomes exponentially more valuable when done in participation with a trusted advisor (think, business psychologist!) who understands human behavior, motivation, and how businesses need to work.  

Ready to start?

Kristin Backstrom
Leading for the win!

It's estimated that leadership style accounts for approximately 30% of a company's profitability.  Maybe that doesn't seem like such a big factor ... but think about all the other internal and external variables that have an impact.  How many of them have a direct impact of greater than 30%?  When you can recognize the financial effect of leadership and leader styles, it's easy to understand why the smart CEOs in the Fortune 500 (some 40%) of them, have trusted leader advisors who help them develop, respond, and improve in their roles.

Kristin Backstrom
Are your values valued?

Is your team living the company's values?  

If not, that's the 'new normal', and it's not good.  Once behaving in contradictory ways becomes accepted, you're well on your way to a toxic culture.  

Recommitting to values - or writing them down for the first time - is far from enough to pull the company away from the abyss.  Get the right start, do the right work, achieve the right change.


Kristin Backstrom

From a client, when asked to describe the benefit to her of of our work together:  "I have a better understanding of not only how I approach my work environment, home and friends, but I've learned how to engage others on their level to empower them to participate in a mutually beneficial way."  LOVE THIS!

Kristin Backstrom
Scanning the horizon (and weather report)

Last night, I turned my horses out in the smaller of my fields so I could grab them before an anticipated big storm rolled through.  So, how does this relate to business?  Well, environmental scanning is important on a daily basis when taking care of my horses, and my business.  Are you paying attention to internal and external threats so you can pivot successfully?  I'm here to help. #whereROIlives

Kristin Backstrom
Where ROI lives ...

"The others, they were 'outside, looking in' and pushing their views on me.  You are inside, looking out, and helping me grow to develop my leadership abilities."  This is why I love my clients, and why vantage points matter.  Are you working with someone who understands different points of view, can guide and develop you, and knows what works?  

Kristin Backstrom
Always back to basics ...

How does a lesson with my young horse and an Olympic rider relate to business?  It's always, always, always about ensuring a deep mastery of the basics.  If your leader/team development is on a solid foundation, you will be prepared for anything that comes your way.  If you skip that development in a rush to grow, you are not going to reach and sustain the highest level of excellence. 

Kristin Backstrom
Development vs. Training

What's the difference between development and training?  Training is generally more short term goal-oriented, and tends to be focused on learning processes.  Development is a longer arc, more strategic than tactical, and focused on building competencies .  Where are you spending your $$$?

Kristin Backstrom
The Negativity Bias

Fear and anxiety are the result of the brain's negativity bias.  Hey, millions of years ago avoiding the stick that might kill you was way more important than reaching for the carrot.  That negativity is ancient, but you can learn how to cognitively manage it to reach your goals.   Ready to start?

Kristin Backstrom

Some 150 CEOs have created an initiative to increase the discussion of diversity and inclusion.  It's great to think that the wave is cresting, and change is on the way.  However, we know that despite $$$ being spent already on D+I training, the needle hasn't moved very much.  Want to learn how to really achieve the desired change?  I can help you measure where you are, identify your desired, future state, and develop a plan that gets you there. 

Kristin Backstrom
Are your tools ready?

A woodsman was asked, "What would you do if you had just five minutes to chop down a tree?” The woodsman answered, “I would spend the first two and a half minutes sharpening my axe.”   What are you doing to get the job done?  Our clients are sharpening their tools and getting ready to get to work on that tree! 

Kristin Backstrom