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Areas of Practice


Clinical Psychology

It's a complex world, and our unique view of it is a result of our life experiences, beliefs and attitudes. Clinical psychology provides a safe place and opportunity to take that deeper look to unpack past experiences to find a more productive and happier way to move forward in life.  For those in need of weight management, we also have a unique approach to the psychology of weight loss that generates lasting results.

Leadership/Team Development

As organizations grow their leadership needs change, and what worked in the past won't work today.  Teams need relational talents to function productively, and more appropriately respond to and manage change. We can help you recognize and acquire what you and your teams need to become more effective.  Our work brings the science of psychology into the workplace to capitalize on existing strengths and improve those areas where new behaviors and attitudes are required to tap into competitive advantage.  We also support your hiring goals by using science-based, proven strategies to help you find and keep the best and right people for the right job.

Individual Assessment + Testing

As applied research practitioners, we are trained to approach our clients' needs with an eye towards correct diagnosis before treatment.  Whether for the individual or the organization, we use proven tools that shine a bright light on areas that are ripe for development.  We use a variety of validated scales, including the 16pF behavior assessment that measures not just what someone can do, but what they will do.  We use the EQ-i 2.0 suite to measure emotional intelligence in leaders and teams.  In our clinical practice, we offer all standardized IQ tests for adults and children.  

Business/Marketing Strategy

It's not enough just to work the same way you've always worked.  Businesses need a robust, guiding plan that drives them forward on a path where goals are identified, and results are tracked.  Does your plan reflect the organization's life cycle and competitive market space?  Knowing where you want to go is key to defining strategies, tactics and metrics that help you and your team increase the likelihood of success.  A 'living' plan can also help you catch yourself before you veer off the road of productivity.  We can help you build out the critical tools you need to ensure transparency in your process, and productivity as an end goal.

Business Psychology

Business psychology leverages the science of psychology and the strength of business and marketing strategy.  In working with our team, clients access a deeper understanding on behaviors and attitudes, how to unlock motivation, sharpen leadership abilities through accelerated learning, increase collaboration and innovation, and build stronger teams, capable of overcoming challenges.

Social Impact Enterprise

Businesses driven by a social impact mission are a different animal than for profit organizations.  Our commitment in this area is driven by the 20+ years over which we have been providing guidance in the space. We remain actively engaged in supporting our clients' leaders and Boards of Directors to align mission with strategy to unlock competitive advantage and build sustainability.


The train has left the station.  Any organization with improved gender diversity in its leadership suite is going to outperform the competition. Gender diversity leads to increased employee engagement and retention, customer satisfaction, and bottom line profit.  Is your organization poised to capitalize on the benefits of gender diversity?  Is your brand able to attract and retain talent that demands gender diversity in the workplace?  We can help you figure out what you're doing and how to align this critical dimension of your employer brand in a way that delivers results where you want to see them.