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Centers for Motivation is the brain child of Dr. Stewart Zelman, who began the practice in 1985.  His groundbreaking work through application of cognitive psychology principles, neurolinguistic programming, LAB Profile and advanced hypnosis has significantly changed lives, businesses, and relationships. Since that time, CFM has worked with thousands of individuals and organizations to build skills and competencies to solve deep, complex questions of human behavior, motivation, and to access change that has brought about happier lives for people and increased effectiveness in the places they work.  



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Chief Problem Solver

Stewart Zelman, Ph.D.

Applying insights from his many years of clinical psychology practice, Dr. Zelman helps clients identify personal goals, overcome obstacles, and begin living the happy life they deserve.  He has a deep understanding of human potential and motivation, and guides individuals and groups to master their lives, relationships, and careers.  As a trainer, Dr. Zelman has authored a number of programs dealing with leadership, stress and time management, motivation and creativity.  Dr. Zelman has also published on the connection between psychology and weight.  His commitment is to support all individuals in reaching their greatest potential, improving their ability to be productive, and enhancing the quality of their lives.




Emerging Leader expert

Kristin Backstrom, Ph.D.

Dr. Backstrom heads up CFM's Emerging Leader Center.  The ELC helps emerging leaders take on new challenges and succeed.  Our high-value, high-impact three-month development program empowers clients with the tools and competencies they need to be effective in translating leadership vision into real world implementation.  This happens through improved and visible communication with leaders, teams and peers, nimble decision-making, adaptive problem-solving, and risk management.  Dr. Backstrom teaches people how to access self-awareness and growth towards goal attainment, through development of critical 'soft' skills.  She helps clients advance in their career paths through positive psychology, improved self-management, confidence, strategic thinking, collaboration with others, personal resilience, and assertiveness.  



Social Impact Advisor

Lauri Alpern

Lauri Alpern is a leading organizational development and social entrepreneurship strategist and advisor. She is president of Open Door Advisors, which she founded in 2009 to help high impact organizations achieve organizational effectiveness.  She has led numerous companies through growth strategies, resulting in new levels of efficiency, revenue and social impact. Lauri is a national expert in the social entrepreneurship field working with clients to plan and manage the triple bottom line of mission, money, and sustainability.  Lauri collaborates with CFM to extend competency and engagement throughout the social impact space.