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Emerging Leader Center

Question.  Learn. Succeed.

Here's what we know.  If you're in a new role, or facing a new challenge, the skills and talents you need to succeed are likely not the ones that got you there.  So, what do you do?  

If you're one of our clients, you work with our Emerging Leader Center.  The ELC delivers a unique, intensive program, customized for you that extends over a three month period.  You are supported every step of the way by psychologists who understand human behavior, motivation, and are trained to help you rise up and achieve your professional goals.  We focus on building the one set of skills that is highly related to leadership ability: emotional intelligence.

We start with a validated assessment that helps us understand where you are.  Then, with clear goals and a pathway defined, we work with you through virtual or face-to-face coaching sessions twice per month, with nearly unlimited phone, text and email support in between scheduled sessions to give you what you need to deal with emergent issues or challenges.  The ELC program is an investment in your present - and your future - that you can afford.  We know our ELC program delivers better results, in a shorter time frame.  And, if your concerns align with the criteria of a diagnosable condition and your health insurance policy covers you for out of network behavioral healthcare, you may be able to submit for self-reimbursement.  

You're busy, and we know it.  We will help you reach your objectives as quickly as possible, and the ELC program was designed with your needs and your schedule in mind.  

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